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the croatian standards institute has been established by the decree on the establishment of the croatian standards institute (nn 154/2004; nn 44/2005) based on the law on standardization (nn 163/2003). it started functioning on 1 july 2005.

the croatian standards institute is an autonomous non-profit public institution established as the national standards body of the republic of croatia with a view to accomplishing the following goals of standardization:
- increasing the safety level of products and processes
- protecting human health and lives and environmental protection
- promoting the quality of products, processes and services
- ensuring the appropriate use of work, materials and energy
- improving production efficiency
- controlling variety, ensuring compatibility and interchangeability, and
- removing technical barriers to international trade.

the croatian standards institute acts as the enquiry point for the world trade organization agreement on technical barriers to trade (wto/tbt) and the contact point for codex alimentarius.

organizational units of hzn are as follows: director general's office, standardization department, communications department, development and new activities department, general administrative services department.

croatian standards institute

ulica grada vukovara 78
10000 zagreb

tel: +385 1 610 60 95
fax: +385 1 610 93 21
e-mail: hzn@hzn.hr

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