green tech

due to the rising energy scarcity as well as global warming, countries are now paying much closer attention to clean-energy technologies and using green tech in industry. this issue is dedicated to everything clean, green and sustainable.

green tech

this issue features new sustainable technologies and practices in a wide area of topics such as electrically propelled cars, safely managed sanitation and environmental management.

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beyond technology
beyond technology

the same disruptive technologies that are changing our lives and revolutionizing virtually every sector of the economy can be used to create a more sustainable world. by setting the standards that frame these initiatives, iso/tc 207 helps scale solutions to our most urgent environmental challenges. 

iso/tc 207 is system-based and focuses on creating frameworks for standardization.

sheila leggett, chair of iso technical committee iso/tc 207.


also in this issue

driving into a cleaner future
driving into a cleaner future

by robert bartram

as governments, business and the ordinary consumer attempt to recalibrate their daily existence to avoid the consumption of fossil fuels, we are often frustrated by the sheer scale and size of the task. what, we often ask, can we do to make a difference?

the green heart of costa rica
the green heart of costa rica

hosting 6 % of the world’s biodiversity on its tiny land mass, it’s no wonder costa rica is committed to protecting the environment. now, the next milestone on the political agenda is achieving carbon neutrality. mauricio céspedes, executive director at inteco, iso’s member for the country, explains how.

the high-tech world of toilets
the high-tech world of toilets

by rick gould

well over half the world’s population does not have access to safe sanitation. for many people, this means the indignity and risks that come of having no toilets. the answer, it seems, lies in new sustainable treatment plants. iso and the gates foundation have joined forces to show how clean toilets and standards can change people’s lives forever.

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